Deepanjana Pal is a writer, podcaster and cultural critic. She worked as a journalist for more than a decade and has been associated with leading India media outlets like Time Out Mumbai, Firstpost, Newslaundry and Hindustan Times. She lives in Mumbai. More…


Deepanjana has written one critically-acclaimed thriller, two children’s books and a biography of one of the most influential painters in modern Indian art, Raja Ravi Varma. She also runs the popular newsletter Dear Reader, in which she reviews recent releases and writes about older books. More…


The Lit Pickers is a podcast about books and reading, co-hosted by Deepanjana Pal and Supriya Nair. Critical and irreverent, The Lit Pickers gathered a loyal following in its first season. Deepanjana and Supriya are currently working on a second season which is expected in 2021. The Lit Pickers is produced by Maed in India.


It is very passé to have a blog in this age of microblogging, but such is the cross of the Generation X. Although this blog is updated only sporadically, Deepanjana lives in hope that one day she’ll resume blogging as regularly as she had back when the internet was shiny and new for her. If you’re looking for regular updates, find her on Instagram and Twitter.