You know how people go on taking photos of their food and/or their cats? I take photos of clouds. This obsession hasn’t been evident in the past few months since there haven’t been any clouds to photograph, but they’ve been gathering over the past couple of weeks. With the result that all the photos that I seem to have of late (on my phone) are clouds — wispy, poufy, streaky, and not yet swollen with rain. This morning, I tried to shake things up by shooting the cables of the Sealink and clouds. Imagine that.

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A friend and I were in a taxi together and there was a gorgeous, cloudy sunset outside our windows. In unison, I cooed about how I can imagine the feel of  rain-cooled wind when I see these pre-monsoon clouds and he said, “Seriously. You look at them and think, ‘Just burst, bitch.'”

Same difference.

While on the subject of confessions, I’ve gone ahead and set up a Tumblr account. Again. For no reason whatsoever. I’m clearly addicted to setting up blogs. (Why does it have to be so easy? Why do those templates have to be so pretty? Why was there only enough of this Sherlock/His Dark Materials fan-fic to fill half my day, leaving me an easy target for boredom by 3pm? I’m doomed.)

On the plus side, reblogging is easy, so if you do head over there, expect no original content but some interesting information/links/images. Until I abandon it. Only to restart it. Again.


Doomed, I tell you. Doomed.


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