The Wandering Burkha in Punctum

A new issue of Punctum, a pan-Asian photography magazine that nevertheless makes space for words, is out and a story I wrote is in it. Yup, the one up there in the photo.

The way it works is that Punctum sends writers a number of photo essays but doesn’t tell the writers anything about them (no name of photographer, location; nothing). The writer picks one photo essay and writes whatever the photo essay inspires. It could be poetry, non-fiction, or fiction.

Wisely, I steered clear of poetry.

My short short story is titled “The Wandering Burkha” and was written way before ACP Dhoble made us hyper aware of the muscle-flexing tendencies of the police and its impact upon Mumbai’s nightlife. Also, thanks to my friend Rohit Kulkarni, without whom I wouldn’t have the beautiful ceramic bowls I do (he moonlights as a potter) or a name for the protagonist of my story, Inspector Hadpude.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to spot a copy of Punctum on the magazine stands, but you can also see it online or buy it. There’s good stuff in there. Buy it.


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