Books on Sunday

There’s no The Mag this week because, well, there was a slight disruption in normality. But we did have a Books page.

CK Raju reviewed John Gribbin’s Erwin Schrödinger and The Quantum Revolution. I suspect Sheldon and gang from The Big Bang Theory would find it easily comprehensible. For those less interested in esoteric physics, we have everything ranging from world politics to comedy.

Amberish K. Diwanji was impressed by Bertil Lintner’s The Great Game East, which says India’s RAW are rockstars and China’s got its eye on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Apoorva Dutt looked into Tina’s Mouth  (by Keshni Kashyap) and liked what she saw in there, even if it did involve Jean-Paul Sartre and a Neil Young fan named Strumminger.

Priyanka Maheswari, a long-time fan of Sidin Vadukut‘s Dork series, was full of enthusiasm for Book 3. Sadly, she was disappointed by Who Let the Dork Out?


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