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It’s the season of college applications in India and the minimum you need to qualify for the shortlists of most good colleges in Delhi are likely to be in the range of 98% and higher. Seems to me sarcasm is the only way to go in these circumstances, so here are a few suggestions to our esteemed colleges along with a few words to students.

If you’ve scored less than 90 percent, the Indian education system would have you believe you’re an idiot and have no future, which is not true. Even if you are an idiot, low marks don’t mean you have no future. (Look at Indian politics and Bollywood, for heaven’s sake.) If you belong to the lot that has scored 98.75 percent and above, then you’re encouraged to think you are Einstein reincarnated and pretty much invincible. This is definitely not true. Even if you have a brain as sparkly as the shiniest disco ball, the chances of 99 percent or 100 percent being an actual reflection of your understanding and potential are low. Especially if you’ve got the percentage to qualify for the country’s top colleges, chances are real life is going to bring with it some brutal shocks. There’s no syllabus here and absolutely no one scores 100 percent; not even George Clooney (as most elderly women in your family will point out, he’s single and must therefore be sad. More critically, he will forever be the one Batman whose suit had nipples. Insert snicker here).

… Since the exam boards are doling out 90-plus percentages with the kind of generosity that makes Missionaries of Charity seem like a hedge fund and the applicant to seat ratio is disproportionate, I think it’s time to take college admissions to the next level. With percentages increasingly becoming meaningless, it’s time to adopt evaluating systems that will not only screen students more effectively, but will also be better indicators of whether an 18-year-old has what it takes to make it big.

To read the details of The Hunger Games Test, The Student of the Year Test, The Russian Roulette Test, The Man Versus Food Test, The Game of Thrones Test and The Three Idiots Make the Three Mistakes of Their Life Test, read the whole piece. 



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