Links: MFF 2013, film reviews

It’s update time again so here we go, in the order that they were published:

Fire in the Blood — a well-meaning but far from memorable documentary on the evil pharmaceuticals that care for nothing but profit. A lot of people loved this documentary, which made me feel like they’d screened a different film for me. Because the documentary I watched had almost nothing that was new either in terms of research or storytelling. Keep in mind I know nothing but headlines about pharma and AIDS treatment. Still, the documentary seems to have had a good run at the theatres, for which I’m very thankful. Like I said before, it’s well-meaning effort and if a few more people know that AIDS doesn’t mean the end of regular life, this is a very good thing.

An ode to Dalip Tahil — written before the release of War… Chhod Na Yaar, in which Tahil played four roles. The piece goes out to the members of the Dalip Tahil fan club, one of who is currently in hospital of dengue.

Captain Phillips — I love Paul Greengrass’s films and this one is as tight and tense as the best of his work. Unfortunately, it’s a bit disappointing when you see how Greengrass gave in to the Hollywood project of ignoring real life nuances and making Americans look heroic.

Ian Birnie and Leos Carax. From Mumbai Film Festival's Facebook page.
Ian Birnie and Leos Carax. From Mumbai Film Festival’s Facebook page.

Posts about the Mumbai Film Festival 2013:

What to see at the festival: Part One, Part Two.

Leos Carax in conversation.

In conversation with Tillotama Shome, who plays Kanwar in Qissa. Tillotama just won an award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival for her performance.

In conversation with Fahad Mustafa, one of the two directors of the documentary Katiyabaaz. The documentary won the award for the best Indian film at the Mumbai film festival.

Been-there-heard-that at the Mumbai Film Festival: No country for old peopleThe Inception of ticketing systemsOverheard at MFF

Reviews of The Butler, The Fifth Estate, Katiyabaaz and Qissa.

An overview.



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