Links: Krrish 3, The Day After Everyday, Baazigar, Kanye West, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

It’s update time again, so here we go.


NT Rama Rao as Superman
NT Rama Rao as Superman

On the vintage superheroes from Indian cinema, includes a Telugu Superman, Dharmendra in a hospital gown acting as Jor-El and Sridevi as one of our early superheroines, Nagina.

Running commentary of Krrish 3. Sample:

Dil tu hi bata, how to not be creeped out by Roshan’s vein-ridden upper crotch area? Ranaut deserves an award for not shuddering when she has to unbutton Krrish’s shirt in order to let us all see Roshan’s pelvis. Does he do exercises that are just for the two and a half inches below his navel? Like miniature stomach crunches, but only for for the mons pubis. Particularly creepy when blown up and in your face, on the big screen. Ew.

I’m reasonably certain at least 10% of my active brain cells died in the process of watching this film. It was very painful.

Looking at the strong women in Krrish 3 and The Day After Everyday:

Kashyap’s depiction of urban India is undoubtedly simplistic, with its insistence that mental strength is more important than muscle power, strong women who smoke and don’t wear make-up, warrior women who can overpower decidedly heftier men and misogynists who see the light when they witness their wives can pack a punch. However, at least Kashyap let his women fight and win. It’s a fantasy, yes, and fans of Kashyap understandably expect him to be more insightful and rooted in reality. However, considering what passes for fantasy in the terribly chauvinist world of Bollywood, perhaps Kashyap’s simplistic pipe dream deserves a little indulgence.
The latest Bollywood release to enter the Rs 100-crore club is Krrish 3. It’s an obvious fantasy flick, in which people fly and rays of sunlight look like glowing straws. The only rule from reality that applies unfailingly in the Krrish universe is that women can’t be heroes.

Read the whole piece here.

Remembering Baazigar

On Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’, featuring Kim Kardashian. I have not heard anything more cloying and intensely annoying than that “uh-huh honey” refrain in that song. Grrr. 

A review of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, which really should have been named ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Meh’. 



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