Links: RK Narayan, Mumbai Film Festival e-book and more

These are all from October, which started off as a rather bookish month, courtesy the Booker prize shortlist. Not that there was anything particularly unworthy about the novels in the shortlist, but somehow, they didn’t feel quite as fantastic. Or maybe it’s just me growing increasingly senile or brain-melt thanks to prolonged exposure to Bollywood.

This year’s Booker prize went to The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan.

Also on the subject of literature, on 10th October, I went online in the morning and discovered RK Narayan’s face where the Google logo tends to be. For reasons best known to tech wizards, the Indian Google Doodles are the dullest and most unimaginative of the lot. Narayan’s Google Doodle was a case in point. Still, it did alert me to the fact that it was Narayan’s birthday and I wrote this.

My review of The Judge, starring Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall.

For once, I loved everything about Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate. It was well-researched, had a stellar set of guests and was so full of triumph. What a great episode on alternative sexuality.

This year’s Mumbai Film Festival turned out to be a rather eventful affair. First it was on, then it was almost cancelled before finally coming together at the last minute. It wasn’t as fantastic a selection as the past couple of years, but there were still some fantastic films. This free e-book has all the pieces I wrote on the films that I saw as well as a little diary of what happened at the festival this year.  (Includes bits and bobs on CourtComing HomeMommy, Boyhood and more.)

My review of Happy New Year. No prizes for guessing how much I enjoyed it.

Gone Girl isn’t a bad film, but it is disappointing, especially if you’ve read the book. The film just doesn’t have that same tautness or crackle. And it doesn’t help that it clings to misogynist stereotypes in a way that would make leeches break out in a slow clap.

My review of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which is simply charming.

Jake Gyllenhaal has a talent for playing creepy guys and that talent is in fantastic display in Nightcrawler.  One helluva thrillier, this one and it’s particularly interesting if you’re a journalist.



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