Ah, the bringers of mirth that are Firstpost commenters…

I wrote this on the business of “ghar wapsi“, which is the term for the Hindu right in UP has coined for mass conversions of Muslims and Christians.

And here’s why I love the people who leave comments on Firstpost: they are immensely entertaining. Obviously the Hindutva brigade is not amused at my attempt at keeping tongue in cheek, but this is a rather glorious comment to leave on a piece about the cause, validity and effect of Hindu conversion ceremonies.

Bengalis are also by nature anarchic and not amenable to discipline because of their laziness and aversion to work. Notice how few Bengalis are in the Military. Anarchism and lack of respect for all authority is another cause of Leftism.

And finally, Bengali women generally dominate Bengali men and are full of ideas of liberlo – feminism. Another route to leftism and criticism of everything under the sun.

I rather like this word, liberlo-feminism. Maybe I’ll put it on a T-shirt.


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