Links: Ram ke Naam, Kareena Kapoor as the face of love jihad, Sonakshi vs Sonam

It’s interesting to compare Sonakshi Sinha to another star kid with a pretty face, Sonam Kapoor. Had Kapoor chosen roles that required her to only bat her eyelashes and not display any acting skills, her films might actually have been easier to sit through because they wouldn’t be as disappointing or frustrating. However, unlike Sinha, Kapoor has consistently chosen to play smart, independent-minded characters who have a role to play in the plot. (It’s another matter that Kapoor has also massacred these parts because she is a singularly bad actor.)

Kapoor could have settled for being celluloid eye candy, but she’s resisted that mould even though she doesn’t appear to have the talent to back her choices. Unlike Sinha, she’s pushing herself and even if it was a home production, the fact is Kapoor was the lead in Khoobsurat. Sinha might seem to be the more marketable heroine, but the choices she’s made have crippled her professionally. She’s someone who can be replaced by another pretty face, rather than an actress who can be the star of a film.

Curiously, this appears to be what precisely Sinha wants for herself professionally.

Read the entire piece here.

Meanwhile, one actress appears to have caught the Hindutva brigade’s fancy. Kareena Kapoor has been nominated the ambassador of love jihad by Durga Vahini’s magazine, Himalaya Dhwani. 

Speaking of the Hindutva brigade, Anand Patwardhan’s Ram ke Naam is a must-see.

If it is indeed true that those who consider themselves custodians of Hinduism are the ones standing against Ram ke Naam, then we need to dig a double grave because irony just died along with common sense. Anyone who is a devout Hindu should work actively to make sure this film is seen because it distinguishes those who believe in Hinduism from those who swear by Hindutva.

It’s a distinction that bears repeating as Patwardhan shows how callously political parties either turn a blind eye to riots and other acts perverting our fundamental rights or actively encourage them.

The ones who will find Ram ke Naam thoroughly uncomfortable viewing are political parties like VHP and BJP, along with their supporters. The fact that LK Advani went on record to say his 1990 rath yatra would not be cause communal riots is placed alongside the numbers of people killed in violent incidents that followed Advani’s trail. VHP would probably be embarrassed by Patwardhan revealing its old financial scandals. Patwardhan doesn’t pull his punches and armed with research and testimonies, the filmmaker points fingers at godmen and politicians who have exploited religion for power and personal gain.

From footage of riot victims to political rallies to the voices of the common people who bear the brunt of these vicious strategies, it’s all in Ram ke Naam.

Read the rest of my piece here. And watch the film:


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