Farewell 2015, part II

So I’m going to be reviewing films from time to time for Scoopwhoop. Here are the first three, which were the last three Bollywood releases of 2015. Tamasha: “You may suspect there’s something slightly wonky upstairs when you see Ved in Corsica. Why is he having conversations with mountains instead of the human being in the car with him? Why is he mimicking Dev Anand and unleashing the worst pick-up lines ever? Why are random Corsicans singing and dancing with him? Why is this erratic behaviour charming to Tara? However, it’s when Ved hurtles towards self-discovery that his insanity becomes unmistakable. … Continue reading Farewell 2015, part II

Farewell 2015, part I

At the start of every year, I look back and realise, “Crap. Haven’t updated the links for x months.” This 2016 is no different. So here are the movie reviews from September and October. Welcome Back: Biggest surprise of 2015, since I was well prepared to hate this film.  “There’s a lot to love in Welcome Back if you don’t expect intelligence from the film. Like a sequence in which Uday and Majnu play antakshari with ‘ghosts’ in a graveyard (with neon tombstones, no less). You get to hear Kapoor singing “My name is Lakhan” after 26 years. There’s also a … Continue reading Farewell 2015, part I

July Links: Ahalya, Amy, Minions, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and more

My reviews of Minions, I Love NY, Baahubali, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Masaan. Asif Kapadia used paparazzi footage and home video to great effect in Amy. It was strangely unsettling to realise that ‘candid’ home videos ended up being far less honest and revealing than what the paparazzi showed of the singer. Ultimately, as they sniffed compulsively for scandal and weakness, those photographers ended up documenting just how troubled Winehouse was, while in her friends’ and family’s videos, she seems to constantly be performing an act of normalcy. Sujoy Ghosh made a short film for the web titled Ahalya, which reminded me of the previous tellings … Continue reading July Links: Ahalya, Amy, Minions, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and more