Up to Speed: Travel Piece

I wrote about Ha Long Bay in Vietnam for the Bangalore edition of DNA, on 27th January. Here is the piece, with some more of my photographs. Dragons, but no dungeons You’d have thought that we’d opted for a cruise on Ha Long Bay just so that we could crack pun-ny jokes at its expense. “Ha long do you think the cruise will be?” “Wanna come ha long for a ride?” “What if I want ha longer bay?” “Is there ha shorter version of the cruise?” These and many more terrible puns were cracked as we made our way to … Continue reading Up to Speed: Travel Piece

Travel piece: Golden Temple

There was a travel piece I wrote about the Golden Temple in Amritsar in last week’s The Mag. Here it is, complete with some more pictures I took while I was there. As pilgrimage sites go, the Golden Temple is right up there for sheer beauty and the incredible sense of peace it offers the visitor, faithful or faithless. The Gold Standard of Serenity When he stood up straight, the water reached halfway up his chest. Most of the time, he crouched and moved slowly, like a hunter watching his prey. Except there was no prey and in his hands … Continue reading Travel piece: Golden Temple

The Humble Administrator’s Garden

The Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou is supposed to be the one of the most beautiful of classical Chinese gardens. I wrote about it in this weekend’s The Mag, but for once, I think my photos do a much better job than the (rushed) article I wrote. So here are some of my photos of The Humble Administrator’s Garden, half of which were taken using my phone (because of course, the camera battery would have to die just when we walked in to the garden). Not that it matters. Even a crummy point-and-shoot wouldn’t be able to make this place look … Continue reading The Humble Administrator’s Garden


You know how people go on taking photos of their food and/or their cats? I take photos of clouds. This obsession hasn’t been evident in the past few months since there haven’t been any clouds to photograph, but they’ve been gathering over the past couple of weeks. With the result that all the photos that I seem to have of late (on my phone) are clouds — wispy, poufy, streaky, and not yet swollen with rain. This morning, I tried to shake things up by shooting the cables of the Sealink and clouds. Imagine that. A friend and I were in … Continue reading Confession