Review: Udta Punjab

The concise, printed version appeared in the Hindustan Times, which you can see here. The unedited version is below. * On the face of it, Udta Punjab has everything going for it. Shahid Kapoor spends much of his screen time shirtless: win. He’s in a film with Kareena Kapoor Khan: another win (even if they don’t have a single scene together). Alia Bhatt delivers a virtuoso performance as a migrant worker. Diljit Dosanjh makes his Bollywood debut, shows off his comic timing as well as hero-wallah charm, sings a hauntingly lovely song and gets the girl (sort of). The cinematography by … Continue reading Review: Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab: the dilemma of a film reviewer

It’s a film that a lot of us want to love, given how the CBFC has tried to yank its chains. But should you be kinder to a film because it was harder to get it released? Or should you just see a film for what is on screen? I ponder on this here.  For those too lazy to click, read on. (But come on, you can click, right? If not for the article, then for a photo of Shahid Kapoor as Tommy Singh?) * Yesterday evening, there was a press show organised by the publicity team of Udta Punjab. … Continue reading Udta Punjab: the dilemma of a film reviewer

On Marriage

There are certain things I hadn’t imagined. One of them was me being in India Today’s annual sex-survey issue. Read it here, illustrated by a sketch by FN Souza (whee!). For those who are lazier, et voila:   Let’s play a game. What comes to mind the moment you hear the word marriage? Matrimonial ads detailing caste and complexion? Weddings that leave families bankrupt? More bills to pay? Jokes about hen-pecked husbands? Counselling? Meddling in-laws? Messy children and/ or messier divorce? If you’re among the tiny percentage that thought “happily ever after”, go give your spouse a hug and/or return to … Continue reading On Marriage

April Links: Marathi and Korean cinema, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, FilmBay and more.

One of the silver linings of being lazy and not updating links for … umm, forever, is that it gives you a sense of just how fleeting some of our excitement is. For instance, back in April, so many were eagerly anticipating FilmBay. It’s barely a blip in popular memory today. I wrote this back when FilmBay was announced. My reviews of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, Dharam Sankat Mein, Margarita With a Straw, O Kadhal Kanmani and The Age of Ultron. There was a little bit chest-beating when the Maharashtra government said that multiplexes must show Marathi films at prime time slots. It wasn’t a new move … Continue reading April Links: Marathi and Korean cinema, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, FilmBay and more.