Modus Operandi: Making space for inspiration

An edited version of this was published in the Mumbai edition of Hindustan Times. From a distance, the corner of the gallery that artist Mithu Sen has claimed as her own seems inviting. There’s a strip of pink running from ceiling to floor. A lamp hangs low, throwing light on a simple table that seems to have pink photo frames on it. Once you come closer, the work (titled “Permanent Past”) threatens to rejig your understanding of pink. Because this is not the colour of baby girls’ dresses, but a fleshy, gummy pink that’s shining as though slick with saliva. … Continue reading Modus Operandi: Making space for inspiration

Article: On Bako Exists. Imagine

This article was first published in Crest. Bako to Basics Anyone who remembers handwriting class in school will stare with envy at the neatly-printed handwriting on the paintings in Atul Dodiya’s new show, Bako Exists. Imagine. Dodiya wrote those unwavering straight lines of text by hand, without the help of lines or grids, and with his left hand. In case you were wondering, Dodiya is right-handed. “I wanted to give the impression of great care going into each letter that was written, like we did when we wrote in exercise books in school,” said Dodiya. “So I decided I’d write … Continue reading Article: On Bako Exists. Imagine