Links: Percy Jackson and Krishna

Two pieces on two heroes who are the stuff of legends. One was entirely ignored, the other got me all sorts of love and hate. Review of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: Although Thor Freudenthal has a name that seems like a match made in heaven for a director of a film that blends myths with pop fiction, his storytelling isn’t anywhere as clever as Riordan’s writing. The dialogues aren’t as zippy, the locations don’t feel as smartly-imagined and the build-up isn’t well-paced. Most of the film meanders, bogged down as it is by bad acting. Then suddenly, it’s time … Continue reading Links: Percy Jackson and Krishna

Links: Jobs and The Competent Authority

One bad film and an excellent book, because what is life without balance? (she said and struck her best Shifu pose.) On Jobs: So imagine the disappointment of watching Jobs and realising a film about Steve Jobs doesn’t really bother with aesthetics, logic or storytelling. The music is forgettable, the cinematography is unimaginative and there are no insights into what made Jobs one of the most influential men of our times. Beginning with the unveiling of the iPod, rewinding to the 1970s when Jobs was a drug-addled college dropout and waffling on till the 1990s, when he reclaimed Apple after being forced … Continue reading Links: Jobs and The Competent Authority

The Mag This Week

And we have a Books page this week. Yay! This week, there are reviews of Gogu Shyamala’s Father May Be An Elephant and Mother A Small Basket But… (by Pramod K. Nayar); The Tainted Throne, book four of the Empire of the Moghul series (by R. Krishna); Peter Hobbs’s In The Orchard, The Swallows (by Karishma Attari), and Niven Govinden’s Black Bread, White Beer (by Colleen Braganza). The theme of The Mag this time was the movies and somehow, I ended up writing a profile of Prosenjit Chatterjee, aka Bumba-da. Here’s the unedited version of the profile (we had to snip to fit it on … Continue reading The Mag This Week