Article: On Bako Exists. Imagine

This article was first published in Crest. Bako to Basics Anyone who remembers handwriting class in school will stare with envy at the neatly-printed handwriting on the paintings in Atul Dodiya’s new show, Bako Exists. Imagine. Dodiya wrote those unwavering straight lines of text by hand, without the help of lines or grids, and with his left hand. In case you were wondering, Dodiya is right-handed. “I wanted to give the impression of great care going into each letter that was written, like we did when we wrote in exercise books in school,” said Dodiya. “So I decided I’d write … Continue reading Article: On Bako Exists. Imagine

On Art Photography

This article first appeared in Crest. War of the poses Photojournalists like to smirk at the beautiful, posed images of the commercial camera. But staging a photograph is no longer a no-no in Indian fine-art photography DEEPANJANA PAL Once upon a time, it was easy to tell one kind of photograph from another. Photojournalists documented real life while commercial photographers fabricated a happy one. The former relied on the immediacy of the camera’s image-making technology; the latter utilised its ability to lie persuasively. There was respect for the former and a certain contempt for the latter. All in all, the … Continue reading On Art Photography