On Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty

There’s an ambitious five-gallery show on in Mumbai right now (titled examples to follow!) and one of the works that has been brought to India is a video of Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty. The video shows Smithson running in circles (literally) and, like so much of weird video art, if you spend a little time watching it, “Spiral Jetty” turns from weird to perplexing to poignant and weirdly beautiful. I wrote about Spiral Jetty in my Culture Mulcher column and how it resonates in a curious way with the bridge that let Rama walk into Lanka in the Ramayana. Read my column here and below are a few relevant pictures.

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On Shilpa Gupta’s Someone Else

I’ve written about Shilpa Gupta’s new show, Someone Else, in my Sunday Guardian column. You can read it here. I love the dramatic headline: “Metallic library, books ablaze — Gupta shows art needs to be free”.

I enjoyed almost every work in Someone Else. Some made for decent pictures as well.

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