Last week’s rants

This past week has been harrowing. Earthquakes, blasts, bombs, manhunt, child rapes — there was no good news. There were, however, rants. The first is a fluffy one, about a new Dove commercial that a lot of people have loved and I found deeply irritating. The tagline is “You are more beautiful than you think” and shows women being confronted with “proof” of their distorted self-image. There are three possible reasons for me reacting the way I did: a) I’m a curmudgeon b) I’m not more beautiful than I think c) I’m a curmudgeon who is sputtering at the idea … Continue reading Last week’s rants

Section 144 — Means?

At about 6.30am this morning, New Delhi’s Raisina Hill area was “evacuated” by the police, who “made announcements about clamping Section 144 of CrPC prohibiting assembly of more than four persons in the area and herded the protesters into the buses.” In case you weren’t sure about what exactly is in Section 144 of the The Code of Criminal Procedure, below is the text of this law. The news reports make clear that it’s not Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code that’s being invoked. That one is, well, more compact. Emphases mine. Joining unlawful assembly armed with deadly weapon. … Continue reading Section 144 — Means?