In ELLE: On womanly anxieties

This was published in this month’s ELLE magazine. I’m not really sure how to describe “this”. An opinion piece, perhaps. ELLE asked me to write something on women in the context of the increased awareness of the kind of violence that is regularly inflicted upon women. I wasn’t sure about writing this. I remember thinking, when I started writing, if there was any point to writing this … stuff. There was so much being said and so little being heard. So few of us had real insight. Most of us were masquerading our despair as insight. But after dithering for a … Continue reading In ELLE: On womanly anxieties


My last two bits of writing for ELLE came out last month and this month. The October issue had my travel piece on Shanghai and this month, the magazine has a power list that includes artists Alexandre Singh and Yamini Nayar. I mention those two because I wrote their profiles. Since both Alexandre and Yamini took the time to give very thoughtful answers, I’m putting up the transcripts of the two interviews. Enjoy. Alexandre Singh What does art mean to you? Everything and yet nothing. It’s part of the wonderful horror of being alive. It helps, but does it help enough? … Continue reading In ELLE

Interview: Mridula Koshy

This month’s ELLE has a little piece by me on Mridula Koshy, the author of the short story collection, If It Is Sweet. Koshy is one of the lovely ladies who, as the magazine’s cover puts it, “owns the future”. I interviewed Koshy over email, which can often result in a dry, boring question-and-answer session that leaves you thinking “Blah”. But Koshy’s answers were delightful and since I could only use a tiny bit of what she wrote, here’s the interview, pristine, untweaked and unedited. Have you always been interested in writing? Was there a time during the cashier-at-KFC to reading-fairy-at-library years that felt … Continue reading Interview: Mridula Koshy