Losers and Rejects

I wrote about Prashant Pandey’s Shelf Life II and Sarnath Banerjee’s Barwa Khiladi – a gallery of underachievers in this week’s The Mag. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any connection between Prashant Pandey’s new exhibition, titled Shelf Life II, at Gallery Maskara and Sarnath Banerjee’s Barwa Khiladi — a gallery of underachievers at Project 88. Banerjee’s prints tell endearing stories about mediocre athletes. Pandey is a sculptor who works with found objects and there’s rarely anything humourous in his work. If you consider the moods of the two shows, they’re completely opposite. Barwa Khiladi is sometimes hilarious and constantly amusing. The sculptures inShelf Life II, on the other … Continue reading Losers and Rejects

On Indian Collectors

This article was published in the June issue of Wallpaper*. The Great Pretender Standing outside Gallery Maskara, in the belly of Mumbai’s art district in Colaba, you’d never guess you’re standing in front of one of Indian art’s most avant-garde galleries. Since 2007, the gallery has had inflatable babies, dust sculptures and other odd objects that can only belong in an art exhibition. One of the most memorable shows at the gallery was Shine Shivan’s debut solo in 2009. Titled “Sperm Weaver”, it made Gallery Maskara’s previous exhibitions look tame. His gender-bending works looked at sexuality with a dark mischief … Continue reading On Indian Collectors

Review: The Trophy

This review was first published in ArtSlant. Trophy Hunting Generally, when you walk into a gallery, you expect two things: light and silence. Enter Gallery Maskara and you’re plunged into a darkness that is made all the more eerie by the whirring noise of projectors playing Belgian artist Ruben Bellinkx’s 16mm films on loop. “The Trophy” presents a set of videos that Bellinkx has made over the past five years, beautifully displayed in the cavernous gallery. All except one use animals (predictably, animal rights activists aren’t enamored by the artist’s work but Bellinkx took great pains to ensure the animals were … Continue reading Review: The Trophy

Review: Ashwamedh

This review first appeared on ArtSlant. Inflatable Elegance Max Streicher makes sculptures using spinnaker, a lightweight nylon with a tensile quality that is dull white in colour. He stitches it into forms that are then filled with air to create inflatable sculptures. Particularly in his larger works, there’s a monumental quality thanks to the size as well as the marble-like texture that spinnaker acquires once it catches the light. This illusion of solid immensity is completely at odds with the fact that the sculpture is largely made of air and can be deflated and folded up to fit in a … Continue reading Review: Ashwamedh