Review: Sheba Chhachhi’s Evoking the Pause

This review was first published on Mumbai Boss. Water Show Given the limited number of respectable galleries and art spaces in the city, it would be unfair to say there’s been a glut of Sheba Chhachhi exhibitions this year. However, considering that the number of solo shows Chhachhi had in Mumbai until 2011 was zero, two exhibitions in a year seems to verge on over-exposure. We tend to be impatient viewers, hungrily hunting for novelty and ever ready to dismiss repetitions. Chances are there will be some who will walk through “Evoking the Pause” at the Bhau Daji Lad museum … Continue reading Review: Sheba Chhachhi’s Evoking the Pause

Review: Anish Kapoor

This review was first published in Mumbai Boss. Sets and Violence Kapoor’s first exhibition in India is a grand two-city affair that has predictably led to comparisons. But it’s a silly idea to force a face-off because Kapoor has curated the two exhibitions with very distinct objectives. The National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi offers a retrospective while in Stage 3 of Mehboob Studios in Mumbai, are nine works, made between 2006 and 2010, that are very much of the present. They masterfully showcase what has been a subtle leitmotif in Kapoor’s work for decades: violence. The massive … Continue reading Review: Anish Kapoor