Review: Gyan Panchal

This was published in Frieze Magazine.  The photographs of the works that I’m putting up over here are mine. They’re all details of the works, which you can see in their entirety if you click on the link above or head over to the website for Amrita Jhaveri Projects. Gyan Panchal A wide, white wall confronted visitors to Gyan Panchal’s exhibition at Amrita Jhaveri Projects. On its pristine surface were two pieces of granite – one slender and grey, the other curved, and the colour of dried blood (prai, all works 2012). Panchal chose Proto-Indo-European words as titles for his … Continue reading Review: Gyan Panchal

On Can You See Me?

My friend Myna Mukherjee has set up an arts’ residency/gallery in Delhi. It’s called Engendered and it opened with a group show titled Can You See Me? in January. Myna asked me if I would write something about the show for her, so I did (and not only because I want to be in her good books so that she lets me stay in one of the rooms at the residency despite the fact that I don’t fit any Engendered criteria whatsoever). You can read it here. I love this opening image. It’s a detail from Amina Ahmed’s “Prayer – … Continue reading On Can You See Me?