Tata Literature Live! – Day 1

I’m doing snippety little pieces on Tata Literature Live! for DNA. Day One’s big attraction was the evening ceremony in which Sir Vidia Naipaul was given a lifetime achievement award, so that’s what I wrote about. Because really, who knew that Sir Vidia was a marshmallow about his pet cat (named Augustus, who had to be put down last year. RIP). Below the piece are notes and quotes jotted down at some of the sessions I attended. * Sir VS Naipaul, Nobel laureate, is best known for being the enfant terrible of literature. In the past, his opinions have raised … Continue reading Tata Literature Live! – Day 1

Booker Special – Part 2

Now for the weird ones. Will Self’s Umbrella Most likely to drive you insane The politically-correct word for three of the novels in this year’s Man Booker Prize shortlist is “literary”, which translates in plain English to “weird”. Not that weird can’t mean wonderful. This year, the judges clearly wanted readers to remember that literature is not simply timepass, to use a bit of Bombay-speak. If the reader perseveres with a well-crafted experimental novel, they’re rewarded with a story that’s told with all the flourish of a brilliant magic trick. Because hey presto! along with a top hat worth of … Continue reading Booker Special – Part 2