Links: Books and films

You know, I keep giving myself stern looks each time I whinge about reviewing films. It’s not like this is the most trying job in the world, after all? It’s been a brutal year for Indian journalism with some publications folding up, some becoming wobblier than ever and a nightmarish number of job cuts. Predictably, those who write about cultural stuff are among the worst hit — we’re always considered the most practically useless, whether in India or abroad. So in this climate, to have a job that lets you read books, watch films and so on for a living … Continue reading Links: Books and films

Banned Books Week

  Nilanjana Roy, author and literary critic extraordinaire has a series of guest posts up on her site to commemorate Banner Books Week. One of them is my review of The Satanic Verses. She’d casually mentioned that I could write a few lines as a prelude of sorts, about how it felt to re-read the novel. (Me stop at a mere few lines? *collapses with manic laughter*) Here’s what I wrote. I actually started re-reading The Satanic Verses well before I’d got my hands on a copy of Joseph Anton, all because of Mihir Sharma who wrote in a column that The Satanic Verses is Salman … Continue reading Banned Books Week

The Mag This Week

Sunday reading: Sumit Chakraberty interviewed Pankaj Mishra, about his new book From The Ruins of Empire. There are many quotable quotes in there. My favourite is probably the where Mishra says that India at the time of independence had “a moral prestige.” A review of Jeffery Deaver’s XO, by Apoorva Dutt. I reviewed Nilanjana Roy’s The Wildings and interviewed the book’s illustrator, Prabha Mallya. The Cat’s Whiskers A few pages into Nilanjana Roy’s The Wildings, you’ll wish you had whiskers and could mew. The world as imagined by Roy in this remarkable debut is filled with marvels, not the least of which is the feline … Continue reading The Mag This Week