She needs…

Last year, Prashant Panjiar had the excellent idea of creating an exhibition that melded words and photographs for Serendipity Arts Festival.  It’s a simple and elegant concept: a photographer takes a photograph, a writer responds to it. The photographer doesn’t know the writer and the writer doesn’t know who took the photograph. What emerges is something new — part word, part photograph, rich with different perspectives. Prashant had a set of photographs he’d selected and asked me to help him find the writers who would respond to the photographs in words. I wasn’t supposed to write any of the pieces and it was only … Continue reading She needs…

Links: Films, booze, books, art and caste

‘Tis the time to update. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. 1. A long interview with S. Anand, founder of Navayana publishing. The first part is all about publishing and among other things, he makes the rather pertinent point that books are not FMCG products so expecting to churn out the same kind of profits is absurd. In part two, he really sinks his teeth into the privileged Hindu. If you haven’t heard of Navayana, click here. Conservative Hindus who believe the caste system is a wonderful thing, Navayana’s books are not going to be … Continue reading Links: Films, booze, books, art and caste

On Can You See Me?

My friend Myna Mukherjee has set up an arts’ residency/gallery in Delhi. It’s called Engendered and it opened with a group show titled Can You See Me? in January. Myna asked me if I would write something about the show for her, so I did (and not only because I want to be in her good books so that she lets me stay in one of the rooms at the residency despite the fact that I don’t fit any Engendered criteria whatsoever). You can read it here. I love this opening image. It’s a detail from Amina Ahmed’s “Prayer – … Continue reading On Can You See Me?

Cellphone-ography: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The February issue of ELLE had an article of mine about photographs taken using cellphones. Since the March issue has hit the stands and there isn’t a link to the article, here’s the text. Snap Shot When you have a camera phone at your disposal, there’s more to behold than meets the eye. From art to lechery, it’s all happening through the lens of a phone near you. If legends and myths of Europe are any indication, spying on women has traditionally been dangerous business. In Greek mythology, the poet Tiresias was blinded when he stumbled upon the goddess Athena … Continue reading Cellphone-ography: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Interview: Rashid Rana

I wrote a short piece on Pakistani artist Rashid Rana for the February issue of Vogue India. Rashid, being the articulate sort, gave me a solid and lengthy interview of which about 1% was used in the final piece. So here’s the interview in its entirety. It’s long, but it’s a good read. DP: What are the works that you will be showing in Mumbai? Have they been shown anywhere earlier? RR: Majority of the works in the show will be new works (with a few earlier works). These works will be both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional but almost all of … Continue reading Interview: Rashid Rana