On Kenya Hara

I’ve been meaning to put this up for ages and haven’t got round to it. The current issue of ForbesLife, which came out about a month ago and is still very much on the stands in bookshops, has a massive profile of Kenya Hara’s that I’ve written. When I say massive, I’m not kidding. It’s more than three thousand words and if you buy the current issue, then not only do you get to see the profile alongside images of Hara’s creations (which helps make the thousands of words seem less…interminable), but you also get a fat magazine worth of articles and photographs. Not a bad deal.

For those intrepid enough to attempt reading the unedited article, see below and forgive any typos.

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Profile: Rana Begum

This article originally came out in Wallpaper*. Be warned: it’s long. Colour Scheme Artist Rana Begum’s father migrated to England in 1985 from an obscure village in Bangladesh because he wanted his family to have a better life, one unmarked by hardship. When he now sees his daughter doing hard labour to make a living, it bewilders him. “To this day, he says: ‘Why are you doing this? This is not what women do. Using machines and working with metal, cutting wood and stuff, this is not what girls do’,” chuckles Begum. “He’s like, ‘Look at you, you’re so exhausted and you look so tired. It’s not good … Continue reading Profile: Rana Begum