Losers and Rejects

I wrote about Prashant Pandey’s Shelf Life II and Sarnath Banerjee’s Barwa Khiladi – a gallery of underachievers in this week’s The Mag. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any connection between Prashant Pandey’s new exhibition, titled Shelf Life II, at Gallery Maskara and Sarnath Banerjee’s Barwa Khiladi — a gallery of underachievers at Project 88. Banerjee’s prints tell endearing stories about mediocre athletes. Pandey is a sculptor who works with found objects and there’s rarely anything humourous in his work. If you consider the moods of the two shows, they’re completely opposite. Barwa Khiladi is sometimes hilarious and constantly amusing. The sculptures inShelf Life II, on the other … Continue reading Losers and Rejects

Review: Section Yellow (again)

This was my first review for Art Slant. Pretty Paperwork As a Pakistani who is married to an Indian and lives in India on a tourist visa, Bani Abidi is intimately familiar with the visa application process. In her new solo show at Mumbai’s Project 88, it shows. Section Yellow is composed of  works made over the last few months including a video, two series of photographs and a set of photo-text montages. All the elements tie in with one another, though some manage this better than others. The montages are meant to punctuate the larger narrative that is set out in … Continue reading Review: Section Yellow (again)

Review: Section Yellow

This review first appeared on Mumbai Boss. Dividing Lines Think back to the last time you were waiting to be interviewed for a visa. Remember dressing up so that you look like you’re visa-worthy, waiting to meet a dour official, carrying a file of every possible document to prove your financial worth and respectability? Chances are, you didn’t consider yourself to be a work of art while sitting around in the visa office. Unless, of course, you’re Pakistani artist Bani Abidi. Delhi-based Abidi has been interested in the way power dynamics play out in everyday life for a while now. … Continue reading Review: Section Yellow