Art: Shilpa Gupta, Nony and Dayanita Singh

I wrote a review for The Caravan of two photography books, one by Dayanita Singh and the other by her mother, Nony Singh. You can read it here:    There’s also this profile of artist Shilpa Gupta that I wrote a while back for Art Varta. I can’t seem to find a link for the article, so for those interested, the text is below. ***   Since she graduated from Mumbai’s Sir JJ School of Art in 1997, Shilpa Gupta has taken to the streets, built websites, sang songs, strung up fairy lights, handled cloth stained with menstrual blood – all … Continue reading Art: Shilpa Gupta, Nony and Dayanita Singh

List: 10 Unexpectedly Arty Raw Materials

This piece was first published in India Today. While its appeal may not be quite as widespread as that of Bollywood, contemporary Indian art has its fans all over the world. Indian artists have been our cultural ambassadors, showcasing realities and fantasies of modern India in their works. As a toast to their inventiveness, here are 10 commonplace items that became fine art when they caught the attention of our finest artists. 1980s Enamel paint Ask about the medium of most paintings, and you’ll be told oils or watercolours. If you’re looking atPrabhakar Barwe‘s paintings from the 1980s, however, there’s a … Continue reading List: 10 Unexpectedly Arty Raw Materials