Art review: Glimpse of Thirst

It’s been a while since I reviewed a show (formally, I mean). This is my take on Shine Shivan’s latest show, Glimpse of Thirst, which was carried in this week’s Tehelka. It’s here. I’m rather chuffed I managed to sneak muppets into a proper art review. Go me! It has some potentially objectionable…images. Like a man masturbating in a forest. If you are one of those inclined to be offended don’t click above link and don’t look at the phone-photos below. The rest of you may proceed. I’ve pasted the text of my review below the photos. THE FIRST time the … Continue reading Art review: Glimpse of Thirst

On Indian Collectors

This article was published in the June issue of Wallpaper*. The Great Pretender Standing outside Gallery Maskara, in the belly of Mumbai’s art district in Colaba, you’d never guess you’re standing in front of one of Indian art’s most avant-garde galleries. Since 2007, the gallery has had inflatable babies, dust sculptures and other odd objects that can only belong in an art exhibition. One of the most memorable shows at the gallery was Shine Shivan’s debut solo in 2009. Titled “Sperm Weaver”, it made Gallery Maskara’s previous exhibitions look tame. His gender-bending works looked at sexuality with a dark mischief … Continue reading On Indian Collectors