On Politics, Politicians and Graphic Novels

Having spent many long hours listening to Narendra Modi speechify and Mamata Banerjee froth at the mouth because she was ‘attacked’, I wrote this post on politicians trying to write stories for themselves that will lend them a certain kind of persona and graphic novels that tell readers tales from modern Indian history. The comics and graphic novels include Delhi Calm, Bhimayana and Chairman Meow and the Protectors of the Proletariat and the comic titled Kashmir Ki Kahani that’s up on News Laundry. They’re all highly recommended, if you haven’t read them. The post got me a superb comment. Someone called Lavi wrote: … Continue reading On Politics, Politicians and Graphic Novels

Happy April Fool’s Day

The Sunday Guardian made the most of the fact that April 1 fell on a Sunday. Here’s my contribution, which is not intended to resemble any living artist, show or writer and has a genius cartoon by Fukkat Gyan. The Language of High Art t’s the newest innovation in the world of art, and everyone who has ever entered an art gallery is chattering about it. The QR code, so far seen only in mysterious and largely-incomprehensible advertising strategy, is being touted as the cipher for one of the most complex codes in our society: the wall text. For the … Continue reading Happy April Fool’s Day