Links: Garam Hava, Boyhood, Kill/Dil, Film Bazaar and banning ‘feminism’

MS Sathyu’s classic film Garam Hava was re-released and it’s a film that doesn’t seem dated or irrelevant decades after its original release in 1974. A look at how differently India’s political establishment has changed its attitude towards the indie film: Whether it’s the shame and heartbreak of being jilted, the frustration at being qualified but unemployed or struggling with stereotypes, much of Garam Hava is still real and relatable. The difference is in the world surrounding the film — can you imagine Prime Minister Narendra Modi using his considerable powers to ensure a tiny little indie film gets released? Read the whole … Continue reading Links: Garam Hava, Boyhood, Kill/Dil, Film Bazaar and banning ‘feminism’

The Dark Knight Rises

Here there be spoilers and a grouchy moviegoer. You have been warned. First, there are three good things in The Dark Knight Rises: 1. Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle. She’s funny, dangerous and the only one who can make you momentarily forget the pomposity of the script. 2. the possibility that Joseph Gordon-Levitt may get his own movie, even if it is as Robin (meh). 3. From the end, it seems fair to conclude that this is the last Batman film Christopher Nolan will direct, which is superb news because clearly Nolan is bored of Batman. (Hello, Man of Steel). While coming … Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises